There is a lot to like about the Toyota line of cars. For one, the engines that are built by Toyota are among the most reliable in the world. Also, Toyota is known for building vehicles that are fuel efficient, fun to drive, and great to look at. If you are the owner of any Toyota vehicle, you likely valued all of those traits when you made your purchase. Having a Toyota that is on the sidelines because it needs a repair is no fun – get in to Holland Service in Burlingame today for a top-quality repair job for a fair price.

All around Burlingame, Holland Service is known as the best place to take a Toyota vehicle that needs a repair. Why? Well, it all starts with the great team of experienced technicians that we keep on our staff. Among them is countless years of experience and the ability to fix just about anything. You won’t have to worry about your repair being ‘over the head’ of our team – we’ve seen it all, and can fit it all. If you drive a Camry, Tundra, Prius, RAV4, Corolla, or any other Toyota model, our team is ready to take it on.

Beyond our skills under the hood is our great level of customer service. Where you might feel like an intruder in another shop, we will welcome you with open arms and greet you with a smile. Our reputation is built on having one satisfied customer after another, and we are determined to add you to that list. Ask around to other Toyota owners in the Burlingame area and they will all say the same thing – Holland Service is the only place to go for superior Burlingame Toyota repair!